Autumn Vegetables – Essential for the Immune System

A healthy immune system is important at any time of year, but especially when autumn arrives, the start of cold and flu season. It is undeniable that a fit immune system is even more important considering the presence of the coronavirus, which has caused even more concern for our health this year. Food is an essential ally to keep the immune system strong. And although there is no method 100% effective in avoiding illnesses, at least we can reduce the probability of contracting them or fight them off sooner. That is why from Naturcharc we want to remind you of some vegetables that are essential at this time of year.


Within our catalog of organic products one of them that stands out the most as an immune booster is the pepper in any of its many varieties. Not only is it one of the vegetables with the highest vitamin C content, but it also has a very high amount of B6, a vitamin that is essential for maintaining a strong immune system.


Another vitamin that contributes to the immune system is vitamin A, although it is traditionally best known for its benefits for your eyes and skin. Beta carotenes, which our body transforms into this nutrient, are highly present in all orange-colored vegetables, such as pumpkins. Luckily they are about to start their high season. Including them in your diet also provides a surprising amount of vitamin C.


An additional vegetable that is about to start its production season. Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables that exist due to its high content of vitamins A and C as well as the antioxidant substances it contains. Remember that this food must be cooked very lightly. Using little heat and short cooking times protect its vitamin content as much as possible. Additional benefits include its high fiber content.


A food with great doses of vitamin C is the cucumber. Any of its varieties helps us to reach the recommended amount of vitamin C. In addition, its high water content makes it a food with very important diuretic properties that helps the body to renew itself and flush accumulated toxins.


Another essential source of vitamin C is the tomato which contributes many benefits to our diets. Its high content of lycopene, an antioxidant substance that gives it its red color, makes it a natural ally for cleansing the body. It also provides many beneficial minerals and its low calorie content makes it perfect for salads and garnishes. It’s a very versatile ingredient.

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