Pointed Cabbage

A treasure trove of vitamins and healthy qualities: the benefits of outdoor-grown pointed cabbage

Cabbage is a staple ingredient of the recipes that have been around since the days of our grandparents. Considered for years as a humble food and not given much importance, the latest trends in nutrition have returned it to its rightful place of honor. This vegetable has so many healthy qualities, which make it a treasure not to be missed in our pantries. Pointed Cabbage stands out for its smooth flavor and texture. In addition, when cultivated in the open air, as it is done on our farms, it favors the development of the plant and enhances its nutritional and flavor qualities.

Here at Naturcharc,  we are experts in the open air cultivation of this variety, which differs from other cabbages due to its striking shape. The upper leaves form a characteristic point that gives this type its name and makes it easily recognizable. Growing pointed cabbage in the open air provides many benefits during its progression. These plants grow best in direct contact with the sunlight, temperatures and humidity associated with the special climate of Almería. Our agricultural technicians do the rest, providing the nutrients and care that we’ve mastered perfectly thanks to years of experience.

Our commitment to open air farms is rooted in our philosophy: empower, whenever possible, the most natural methods with the least interference in the normal growth of each crop. Many varieties need the greenhouse, but whenever possible we prefer to allow direct contact with nature. For this reason, we continue to expand the farms using this growing technique. At this time of year they look spectacular: a true blanket of green that we are very proud of.

Vitamins and antioxidants

The pointed cabbage, like other varieties of the same family, stands out for its high content of vitamin C. An intake of only 100 grams of cabbage already provides 100% of the recommended daily amount of this vitamin, essential not only to keep your defenses in good condition, but to keep gums and joints healthy too. Cabbage also provides interesting amounts of other nutrients, such as vitamin A and K. The first is essential to take care of eye health and protect the skin while the second regulates protein metabolism and blood clotting.

But these are not the only positive qualities of organically grown pointed cabbage. It also has many antioxidant substances that help protect the body from harmful pathogens. And it has a high presence of fiber, which helps to regulate intestinal movements. It also stands out because of its content of minerals such as calcium and potassium, which round out its nutritional contribution. Their low calorie content makes them an ally of weight loss diets. Cabbages are also very versatile since they can be incorporated into a multitude of recipes, either raw or cooked.

We encourage you to discover the great variety offered in our catalog of organic fruits and vegetables. At Naturcharc we take care of every detail in the cultivation of our farms to offer the highest quality in all our products. We guarantee 100% organic farming methods and care for the environment throughout the production chain on our farms.

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