100% of Naturcharc’s open-air farms already have their organic compost

After several years of research, and production of its own organic compost, Naturcharc has achieved treating 100% of its open-air farms with this natural substrate prepared in its own ecological composting plant.

The commercial director of this organic farming family business, Manuel Giménez, has carried out this process together with his brothers, and all the technical and production team.


Organic compost protects the plant from the cold and contributes to its development despite the low temperatures

The ecological agriculture company, Naturcharc, has the awaited results from its veture to produce ecological compost in its own composting plant. The latest measurements made by the technical department have shown that the contribution of compost protects the plant from the cold, and contributes to its constant positive development despite the low temperatures.


Open field cultivation, A differencial value in Naturcharc’s organic universe

At Naturcharc we work with and for nature. We respect the environment that helped to raise us and we take care of it in order to cultivate the organic food of tomorrow. As a result of this love for the environment, we decided to develop a great part of our organic production in open fields. It is a privilege for those of us who work here and for our consumers who day after day benefit from the gifts of fruit and vegetables grown in open fields.


Naturcharc's fresh autumn-winter products sweep across Europe

This autumn and soon to be winter is giving us a fantastic campaign with fresh seasonal organic vegetables that are developing perfectly. Our customers from half of Europe are depending on our organic crops, which thanks to our own compost, are registering very positive advances, managing to prolong the shelf life of the product in a natural way.


Organic foods to incorporate into the ‘Back to School’ menu

Summer holiday of the smallest ones of the house have finished and changes in their routine are coming. It's time to get up early, get busy with homework, and give it all in extracurricular activities. In this blog we are going to give you some tips so that your children face back to school season with all the energy possible.